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Feb 01, 2022

Understanding Paint Finishes With your Painting Contractors

When it comes to interior painting there is a lot more to take into consideration than just color. A paint's finish can make all the difference. Having the right finish can not only protect your surfaces effectively but can give you the right amount of shine you are looking for. Here at Painters Etcetera, our team of painting contractors are here to help you find which finish is right for the room/surface you are looking to paint. We walk you through the decision process making professional recommendations for the best long-lasting look.   

High Gloss

  Known for being incredibly durable and easy to clean, high gloss is just what the name implies - very glossy. This finish reflects light giving it a shiny look. Oftentimes you will see this finish used on high traffic surfaces such as kitchens, doors, and even window trims. The downside to high gloss is that, due to its ability to reflect light it is not very forgiving. So every bump or imperfection is accentuated.   


  This finish, while not quite as durable as the high gloss, still offers great longevity. With slightly less shine and reflective properties, this finish is popular for surfaces that are constantly being cleaned or rooms where there is additional moisture build-up. Consider using this in kitchens, bathrooms, wall trim, or even chairs or railings.   


  One of the most popular finishes for wall paint, the satin finish has a softer look. Similar to the semi-gloss, this finish is great for high-traffic areas as it has high durability. Consider getting paint with a satin finish for your living room, hallways, kid’s bedrooms, and entryways. The biggest downside to this finish is that it easily shows application errors, such as brushstrokes.   


  A perfect compromise between satin and matte finish, eggshell is far less reflective making it great for covering imperfections in your wall. On the scale of shine to no shine, this is close to neutral. However, the downside to this finish is that it isn’t nearly as durable as the previous finishes. Therefore it should be used in rooms that don’t get a lot of traffic, such as a dining room.     holliston painters  

Matte or Flat

  This finish is for the walls in your home that have something to hide. Matte, or flat, finish absorbs light instead of reflecting it, hiding those bumps or scuffs that other finishes would highlight. Additionally, this finish offers the most coverage which means it is the best for your wallet. However, it has fairly low durability compared to the rest. Therefore, this finish is ideal only for kid-free areas such as adult bedrooms or offices.   

Hire One of the Best Painting Contractors

  While this is just an overview of each paint finish, our team at Painters Etcetera has been your interior painting experts since 1972. We make it our goal to help you choose just the right paint to highlight and complement each area of your home. As one of the best painting contractors in the area, you can rest assured that your home will look absolutely fabulous!    

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