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Oct 07, 2023

Tips from MA Commercial Painters for Repainting a Restaurant

In a previous post, we gave you some tips for repainting the exterior of your restaurant or shop. But the inside of your restaurant needs a lift every once in a while, too. Some of the advice we gave for painting the exterior also applies to the interior, but there are also other considerations that make interior commercial painting a little more complicated. As experienced MA commercial painters, our team at Painters Etcetera is ready to make the interior of your restaurant look fresh and new.  

 Here are some tips from our MA commercial painters to help you get the most out of your restaurant’s new paint job.


Maintain Brand Consistency

Whether a restaurant is part of a national chain or a family-owned eatery, maintaining brand consistency is an essential element of the customer experience. There’s nothing wrong with switching up the decor periodically, but you don’t want the change to be so drastic that your patrons feel like they’re in a different restaurant. If you make changes to your color palette or logo, ensure those changes are across the board. Update your signage, menus, and digital and physical marketing materials.  

Use Color Practically

We tend to think of color in terms of its aesthetic value or the way it makes a space feel. However, color can have practical uses, too. If your restaurant doesn’t get a lot of natural light, use light colors to brighten up the space. On the other hand, if the space is very well-lit, darker colors will give your restaurant a cozy feel. You can also use colors to differentiate between areas. Using different colors in the dining room, bar, and kitchen areas will make them distinct from each other and create the illusion of multiple spaces, even if it’s all in one room.  

Consider Your Existing Decor

The furniture and decor will also affect the choices you make regarding interior paint colors. Unless you plan on replacing them as part of a complete renovation, you’ll want to match the color scheme of your paint to your existing furniture and decor. Choose colors that complement the patterns and colors in your decor, especially your brand colors.  

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