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Jan 01, 2022

The Psychology Behind the Colors you Use for Interior Painting

    Color is more than just a visual experience. Each color is also said to have a psychological connection to your brain. With that, it is known to many as a classic form of communication as you project your personality through the colors that you choose for your interior painting job from Painters Etcetera    

Keep reading to learn more about what each color “means.”


Grey is an elegant and classic color that works with a wide range of colors. The color is associated with intelligence and discipline. In addition, if a warm grey is paired with another warm color, it will create a lively living space.  


Brown is commonly known to represent the Earth, security, and contentment. Those who like brown usually love nature, comfort, and simplicity.   


Blue is a calming and relaxed color that is known to work well in a bedroom. It is one of the most popular paint colors as many people associate the color with the sky and heaven. It is also associated with trust and friendliness.   


Purple stimulates the imagination. Purple is the color of royalty, wealth, and luxury. However, psychologically the color means creative, romantic, and wise. Choosing a lighter shade such as lilac can help create a sense of relaxation.   


Green is another color of nature. It is described as relaxing, joyful, energized, and filled with life. Green is also said to bring in feelings of balance, persistence, and stability.   


White makes a cool and refreshing tone for your home, representing youth and cleanliness. People who choose the color white for the inside of their home prefer more contemporary styles. Keep in mind that warm shades of white will make the room cozy, while cooler shades will make it feel more formal.   


To many people, black represents mystery, elegance, and power. Many think that people who like black in their homes are more ambitious and sophisticated. However, be cautious of the amount of black in the room. Too much black can be considered depressing.  


The color orange is considered to be wholesome and fruitful. It symbolizes balance, vibrancy, and warmth. On the other hand, people who like the color are more friendly. Orange also stimulates the sense of hunger, meaning it can go well in a kitchen or dining space.   


Yellow is traditionally the color of happiness. In addition, the color represents summer, inspiration, and optimism. Pale yellow brings a sunny feel to a space without being as overwhelming as a brighter shade.   

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