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Jul 30, 2021

Super Exterior Painting for Antique Houses

If you’ve ever driven through a historic residential district, there is generally one element that always stands out. Sure, the size of homes is pretty impressive, but beyond that, let’s talk about those color schemes! As a top choice for Holliston painting companies, our professionals here atPainters Etcetera love the distinctive exterior colors of such neighborhoods. Here, we’re taking a look at a few of the most common colors and what makes them so unique.  

The Neutral Scheme

Historical houses tend to go in two directions. The first is a somewhat subdued and neutral palette of colors. The second is quite the opposite (we’ll come back to this). The neutral scheme brings one back to the age before the Industrial Revolution. This was a time where most paints were mixed using Earth’s natural pigments. Thus whites, beiges, greens, and yellows were the most accessible and, therefore, the colors utilized. Green doors and shutters were some of the most common amongst beige homes with white trim.  

The evolution away from neutral colors.

The distinctive and decorative woodwork from the Victorian Era sparked the motivation for further advancements within the world of aesthetics. New and innovative ways began to involve using additives to create brilliant colors never seen before.  

The era of bold.

Enter the brightly colored, impression making antique homes. Colors of bright reds, oranges, and even purples began to appear along with many home elements. From decorative trim to banisters, this new era of exterior painting was one that you couldn’t miss. Over time, residential homes adopted this newly developed idea of using brighter colors. However, there was thought behind the method. In most instances, painting companies chose adjacent colors on the color wheel. With such carefully thought out designs, homeowners were enabled to create an exciting, yet visually appealing aesthetic to their historic home.   victorian house painter ma  

Current day trends for Holliston painting companies.

Although many have steered away from the days of bright and bold colors, some of the best Holliston painting companies are still called in for touch-up work on historic homes. Any good painter knows the importance of maintaining the era’s aesthetic. Lucky for us, several excellent exterior paint manufacturers recognize this as well. If you dream it, our team at Painters Etcetera can make it happen.   If you’re the owner of an antique home, it’s always best to choose an exterior painting company with experience in older homes. From the unique way of thinking to the required expertise in technique, historical homes are some of the most beautiful homes in America. Thus, they deserve a team that respects and honors the traditions that come with the home. Here at Painters Etcetera, we have the experience and resources it takes to provide the exterior of your historical home the attention it deserves.

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