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Aug 18, 2023

Repainting? Avoid These Dated Colors.

In our last post, we helped you determine if it’s time to repaint any rooms in your home. If it is, that means that it’s time to choose paint colors, especially if you’re unhappy with what you have now. But when you’re choosing colors, you have to think about more than just what strikes your fancy now. Hiring professional painting companies isn’t something you can afford more than every few years at least, so you want to choose your colors carefully. You have to think about not just what you like now but what you’re still going to like a few years down the road.  

Before you start calling painting companies, let’s look at some colors that will make your home feel dated.


Grays That Aren’t Really Gray

Neutral color palettes are both popular and practical. For that reason, many people opt for shades of gray. Now there are many people arguing that gray is on its way out, but we think the real problem is grays that aren’t really gray. You know what we’re talking about: greige. Beige with gray undertones has been overdone in recent years, and it calls to mind a trend in interior design that didn’t really last. There are plenty of other colors that are actually gray and will complement your tastes and decor.  

Bright White

There’s nothing wrong with white. However, not all white paint is the same. There are cold, pure shades of white that can be blinding in a bright room. You want rooms to be well-lit, but you don’t want to overdo it. Before you commit to a particular white paint, get some samples to see how it looks in your room. In general, you want to go for warmer whites with yellow undertones.  

Once-Trendy Colors

There are plenty of colors that seemingly came out of nowhere and then disappeared just as quickly. Some common examples are dusty rose pink, muted sage green, and deep navy blue. Not that there’s anything wrong with these colors, but anytime particular color is used in everything, we get tired of it pretty quickly. If these colors appeal to you, opt for similar shades that are subtler and easier to balance.  

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When you’re ready to repaint your home, choosing the right painting companies to work with is just as important as choosing the right colors. At Painters Etcetera, our team will help you choose the right colors and finishes to transform your home.  

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