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Sep 01, 2021

Power Washing A Painted Home. What You Need to Know.

As a homeowner, the inevitable Google search for ‘power washing near me’ will happen at some point. When it does, you’ll be faced with so many options that the journey can quickly become overwhelming. At Painter’s Etcetera, we like making life easy, which is why we’re taking the time to provide you with this guide to choosing the best team of power washers for your home. First, let us narrow the search by saying – not every company is equipped to handle your painted home.  

Know your paint.

First, let us start this discussion by talking about paint. Chances are, your paint is safe. However, there are many older homes that still have lead paint on the exterior surface. If you’re not sure, always contact a professional to determine if your home is lead-based or not before proceeding. If you do have lead paint on your hands, it needs to be contained upon removal. Thus, power washing a home is not the best option as the pressure of the spray may spray pieces in all directions, making containment impossible.  

Pressure matters.

Since we’re on the topic of spraying paint chips, let’s talk about pressure. A painted home requires expertise and experience when it comes to proper maintenance. Pressure washing a home can easily chip away a painted surface. Thus, it’s imperative to utilize a low-pressure wash for painted siding, porches, and so on.  

Or, perhaps, you’re thinking about painting your house.

While the previous assumptions are based upon your house already being painted, our experts also recognize that your home may be in the process of being painted. If this is the case, it’s of the utmost importance to have the house pressure washed before the painting process begins. By doing so, you will deep clean the surface removing any mold, mildew, or other debris that will compromise the integrity of the paint. Besides, this step will also help the longevity of the paint. A newly painted house that is not pressure washed may last an upwards of three years, whereas a power washed home could last up to seven before requiring a fresh coat of paint.   When it comes to “power washing near me,” it’s imperative to remember that not every company is suited for every home. If you require power washing for your painted home, have peace of mind in your team of experts when you contact the professionals at Painters Etcetera.  

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