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Nov 01, 2021

Tips From Painting Contractors On Choosing The Right Paint

As a homeowner, you probably already know how imperative it is to choose the right type of paint. Whether exterior or interior, painting contractors, like the team from Painters Etcetera, know precisely which finish to select to provide long-lasting results. So what’s the secret? Read on, and you’ll discover the answers to everything you’ve ever wondered.  


As the name states, a flat finish contains no reflective properties. Best used in low traffic areas or ceilings, flats are one of the best choices when trying to hide imperfections within the wall. However, this finish is also one of the hardest to clean without damaging the surface or leaving behind marks.  


Likewise, matte is another finish best applied to low traffic areas. However, this finish provides a bit more durability than a flat finish. Some of the most common areas that a matte finish is best used includes living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.   painting companies  


And then, there is eggshell. As one of the most popular finishes, eggshell offers a low reflective sheen and (so far) is one of the most durable. Easy to clean, eggshell is perfect in all of the above applications as well as hallways.  


While the previous offer little to no reflective properties, some homeowners prefer a bit of shine. If this sounds like you, moving to a semi-gloss is the solution. Providing a perfect balance of flat and shine, semi-gloss is available in most interior paint selections and is used heavily in cabinetry and baseboards.  


At the top of the reflective chain lies the high gloss finish. Providing the ultimate levels of washability and durability, this finish is the go-to for high traffic areas like the kitchen or bathroom. However, because of the high shine, this finish fails to perform when it comes to hiding those imperfections.   ma painting companies   Now that you have a solid foundation to begin your journey, you can have confidence in your DIY painting project. On the other hand, choosing the best paint finish is merely one step in the entire process. If the thought of perfecting your next painting project is overwhelming, call a team of painting contractors you can trust. At Painters Etcetera, our family-owned and operated company takes pride in setting ourselves above other painting contractors with an unwavering dedication to providing an exceptional experience. Contact us today to put the stresses of DIY behind you while having complete confidence in the team you hire (508) 429-2040.