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Dec 07, 2023

MA Painting Companies: Refinish Your Deck Next Spring

How is your deck looking? If it’s a little worse for wear, deck refinishing is the perfect project to take on next spring. MA painting companies like Painters Etcetera are ready to help you make your deck look as good as new.  

Here’s why you should refinish your deck next spring with MA painting companies.


Wait for the Weather

Spring offers a sweet spot in terms of weather conditions. With milder temperatures and lower humidity than in summer or fall, the season provides an optimal environment for deck refinishing. This allows the protective coatings to cure and adhere effectively, ensuring a longer-lasting finish.  

Post-Winter Cleanup

After enduring the harsh elements of winter, your deck is not at its best. Refinishing in the spring allows you to address any damage or wear caused by snow, ice, and fluctuating temperatures. Repairing and sealing the wood early in the season can prevent further deterioration and fortify your deck against the upcoming summer heat.  

Protection Against Spring Showers

Spring often brings a fair share of rain showers. Refinishing your deck serves as a proactive measure against moisture damage. The sealants and stains used in the refinishing process act as a protective barrier, preventing water from penetrating the wood and causing issues like rot, mold, or warping.  

A Fresh New Look

Spring is an excellent time to refresh the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Choose from a myriad of colors to breathe new life into your deck, complementing the vibrant surroundings and boosting your home's curb appeal.  

Outdoor Entertainment

With the arrival of warmer days, the desire to host outdoor gatherings grows stronger. Refinishing your deck in the spring ensures it's ready for the upcoming season of barbecues, family gatherings, and lazy afternoons in the sun. A well-maintained deck becomes an inviting extension of your living space.  

MA Painting Companies | Painters Etcetera

We may be about to face the winter here in Massachusetts, but it never hurts to plan ahead. Plan to refinish your deck now before the schedules of MA painting companies fill up. Our team at Painters Etcetera will work out all the details with you now, so everything will be ready to refinish your deck once spring arrives.  

Looking for MA painting companies? You need Painters Etcetera! Contact us in Holliston or Sudbury for a quote.