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Jul 07, 2023

MA Painting Companies: Colors for Your Victorian Home

New England, especially Massachusetts, is filled with beautiful old homes. Some date as far back as colonial times, while others are a little “newer,” built during the Victorian era. If you are fortunate enough to live in one of these beautiful homes, it’s important to care for it, both inside and out. Many people who live in these homes feel that they have a duty to their history to keep them looking beautiful. So when your home needs an exterior paint job, you need to find MA painting companies that know how to paint these historic homes.  

In this article, we’re going to focus on Victorian homes and the exterior colors designers and MA paint companies recommend.


Keep It Traditional

Many owners of Victorian homes want to preserve their traditional look. Traditionally, Victorian homes were painted with dark and saturated colors. For the main color, very dark browns, greens, and reds were very popular. To continue with the traditional look, bands of lighter shades highlight the architecture of the house. Earthy colors like green, brown, and tan are common choices for these accents. For highlights that stand out a bit more, red, gold, and dark yellow also fit the traditional mold. Another common method for painting Victorian homes in the traditional style is to use a single color in three increasingly darker shades. For example, you would choose a lighter brick red, a deeper dark red, and then a dark maroon. Greens and browns were also common choices for this method.  

Bring It into the Present

Although you may live in one of these historic homes, you also live in the present, so it’s understandable that lighter, brighter colors would appeal to your modern tastes. But selecting colors that fit modern preferences doesn’t mean that you have to cast the traditional colors aside. To bring your Victorian home into the present, you can select lighter shades from the traditional choices of green, brown, red, and yellow. You can also use bright or off-white as either the main color or the accent color, even though it’s not traditional. The neutral white will bring out and show off the other colors.   holliston painting companies

MA Painting Companies Are Eager to Work on Your Victorian Home!

Older homes with intricate designs and architecture pose an exciting challenge for MA painting companies. At Painters Etcetera, our team is always eager to take on a challenge. Even better, we have the experience and expertise to make your Victorian home look beautiful, whether you decide to go with traditional colors or update it for the modern era.  

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