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Painters Etcetera Services​

Home Exterior Painting​

Painters Etcetera Services

Home Exterior Painting

As expert exterior house painters, Painters Etcetera offers a complete line of services that exceed industry standards. Our experienced professionals take the time to assess and provide honest recommendations to bring your visions and your residential or commercial property back to its glory.

Our process begins with a consultation and ends with an on-site inspection with our owners. We take the time to address your questions, offer various solutions within your budget, and provide solutions that last for years to come. Treating each property as if it were our own, it is no wonder Painters Etcetera is the go-to exterior painting company in Sudbury, Holliston, and surrounding towns.

Painters Etcetera Services

Complete Home Exterior Painting

We are full-service exterior house painters that take pride in our work. Meeting the highest industry standards, Painters Etcetera handles preparation through wood deterioration to priming and finish painting.

During your color selection, we can provide color choices, our opinion, or suggest decorating help from a local retailer. We only work with premium paints. Skimping on paint only leads to poor results

House Washing -Not to be confused with Power Washing.

Painters Etcetera uses a method, along with a washer, that will clean your home by removing mildew, fungus, and dirt.  It can also be used on vinyl siding and stucco.

 Pressure washing

This process would be used on stubborn surfaces. Water is used at high pressure to remove moss, fungus, and dirt on stone patios, walks and decks. It is also ideal for removing fungus on plastic surfaces such as deck rails, trim and fences.

To protect from paint chips and paint splatter, drop cloths will be used on landscape, flower beds, bushes, sidewalks, front steps, decks, roofs, and patio furniture, etc.

Preparation is what sets us apart from our competitors. We make sure all failed paint is removed. Peeling paint and surfaces will be scraped and sanded. Loose nails will be re-set.


Caulking is used to fill open seams on siding and trim to prevent moisture penetration and for aesthetic purposes.

Window glazing

Windows will be re-glazed as needed. We can preserve the functionality, appearance, and efficiency of your windows by re-glazing their panes.

Wood repair & replacement

We work with a few professional carpenters in our area. We coordinate the work so it will take place before or while we are at your house. Any repair can be attended to, from window sill replacement to clapboards and shingles and trim. Structural repairs can also be done if needed. Our  partner carpenters could replace all your siding, windows, and doors or build a new deck.

Gutter Cleaning

Properly draining gutters and downspouts is essential. If blocked, water can flow behind siding, leading to failed paint and wood rot. As part of our exterior painting process, your gutters and downspouts are cleared of debris and checked for proper drainage. If new gutters are needed, or a new drain system designed, our team will find a remedy.

An oil based primer will be used for best adhesion and stain blocking.

Paint on the siding is usually spray applied and back brushed. Windows are protected with a plastic sheeting during this process. Trim, windows, and doors are all hand brushed. High quality line of paint, such as Benjamin Moore, California, or Sherwin Williams and professional equipment will be used. Second coats will be applied per agreement.

NEATNESS!!! I think we get as many compliments for our neatness as we do for the great job we have just completed. We remove ladders from the house and stack them out of the way. We pick up tarps and put away our tools.

This takes a little extra time each day, but is more organized and orderly.

“Walk arounds” will be performed by Kevin and Ryan, accompanied by the customer to ensure complete satisfaction.