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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below for quick answers to common inquiries!

How long will the project take?

For an exterior, this will of course depend on the size of the house.  On average, for a typical sized house in our work area, you would normally be looking at about a week, give or take.  If there are rain days when we cannot work, this will extend the project by that amount.  

For interior projects, this is much more variable as it would depend upon the amount of rooms being painted.  A medium sized bedroom can usually be painted in about 2 days for ceiling, walls, and trim.  An entire house interior usually takes about 2 weeks.

When do I need to pick paint colors?

We need paint color information when we start the project.  However colors can be chosen up to this time.  Information that would be important ahead of time is if there will be a color change on certain items, as this would affect the amount of labor involved and thus the cost of the project.  Interior walls are always painted 2 coats, so this is usually not affected unless a strong color is chosen, such as a red or dark blue, as these colors need many coats to cover properly.  Color change information is most important to know ahead of time for all exterior items, and interior trim.

Do I need one or two coats on my exterior?

This is how we like to explain this:

To first answer the question simply:  If the siding is not excessively dry, and the color is not changing, one GOOD coat is completely sufficient for coverage and durability.  The only time we apply a second coat, is if the siding is very dry, or if the color is changing, for coverage over the old color.  We apply two coats to the primed areas for coverage and durability, as these get sanded down to bare wood.

I have had this question before.  Many painters seem to quote two coats as standard, no matter what condition the wood is in or whether the color is changing or not.  This “second coat” is usually a very quick spray coat, if it even actually happens… For example, a painter may be in an area, and spray it very quick, and then spray over it again, not allowing the paint to dry.  When we apply two coats on a wall, the entire wall is done, allowed to dry, and then started all over again for the second and final coat.
With our process of spraying and brushing, the stain or paint is fully worked into the siding, at the proper mil thickness.  This provides the correct coverage and protection the siding needs.  When just spraying is used, the stain or paint essentially “sits” on the siding, not getting worked in.  Small cracks and imperfections do not get fully covered.
Also, if siding is not dry or changing color, applying two coats is only adding unnecessary layers of paint or stain to what is already on the siding.  This creates a buildup of material, and will actually lead to the stain or paint failing and peeling sooner than it should.  As the layers build up, they eventually get thick and heavy enough that they will peel off the house.
When is the best time to paint interior and exterior?
We work on exteriors generally from April to mid November.  This is all weather dependent.
The winter months in between, late November through March, are the best times to paint interiors.  While interior work can be done in the summer months, typically there is humid air, which can slow down drying, taking more time to paint a room and get the room back in order to be lived in.  The dry air in the winter aids drying of patch and paint materials.  Since interior is all that can be worked on in the winter and typically a slower business season for the painting industry, you can usually get better pricing during this time as well.
How far ahead should I plan my project?
It is never too early to plan your painting project.  Especially if you have a particular timeframe in mind.  While interior does not book out as far as exteriors do typically, there is usually a busy time right before the holidays as homeowners are looking to redecorate spaces before having company over.  For exterior, this season can book up quickly.  Spring is always the most popular.  If you are looking for early spring, you should start planning / booking even the summer before, to be at the top of the list.
Overall, if you are not picky on timing, no need to rush, but be prepared to wait.  If you are looking for a certain timeframe or have a deadline, plan well in advance!
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