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Jun 01, 2022

Does Your House Need Power Washing in Holliston?

We know you're planting your gardens and prepping the outdoor grill for summer, but don't forget about power washing your Holliston home! Power washing won't just give your home's exterior the spring clean it deserves; power washing will also ensure the longevity of the home's exterior. Here are some benefits of power washing your home every summer. 

1. Protect Your Home

Power washing may give your home an instant facelift while protecting your siding from future damage. As a result of a wet spring, harmful contaminants like mold or mildew can start to grow on your home's siding. Eventually, this algae and mold growth can grow into a more significant issue, leading to expensive replacements and even more harmful health concerns. Power washing can help prevent this buildup. 

2. Power Washing Is Enviro-Friendly!

Power washing is healthy for you and your home, and it's also better for the environment! Resorting to cleaners full of chemicals can affect the environment in the long run, which can harm the health of pollinators, your plants, and your family! Using a power washing method with water is strong enough to cut through dirt and grime while remaining 100% safe for your pets, plants, and wildlife. 

3. Increase Market Value

While the market can fluctuate due to your home's location, curb appeal can add to your home's market value. Power washing your home regularly and before a showing can increase property value over time. 

4. Protect Your Home's Siding

Finally, cleaning your home on a regular basis can help your painted vinyl or wood siding last longer. This means less money spent on repair and more time enjoying your outdoor living space! You can read more in our blog about power washing your painted siding. exterior house painters

Power Washing In Holliston, MA

When it comes to siding maintenance, power washing plays an integral part! If you require power washing for your painted home, have peace of mind in your team of experts when you contact the professionals at Painters Etcetera.    

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