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Painters Etcetera Services

Deck Refinishing

At Painters Etcetera, our team of MA painters do more than interior and exterior painting – we bring decks back to their glory. Depending on the condition, our experts can wash, sand, set nails, and stain to protect and enhance your deck’s appearance.

We start with an inspection to determine what deck repair services may be needed. Working closely with a trusted team of contractors, necessary repairs are completed with accuracy.

Utilizing cleaners and our professional pressure washing techniques, our team will safely remove failed stains, mold, dirt, and other unsightly debris. Deck cleaning also creates a balanced pH level that opens the pores of the wood, preparing it for staining and sealing.

Once prepared, your deck is ready for the final step – protection and appearance enhancement. Our experts work closely with customers to select and apply the stain and sealant of choice, providing a beautiful result that will last for years to come.