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What People Say


What People Say

Grace and Keith Funston of Sudbury, MA

We are proud owners of an early 18th century house. We are very particular about who works on it. Painters Etcetera has repeatedly done excellent work inside and out, and we highly recommend them.

Jim and Tracy Levey

Kevin and Ryan and their crew are terrific. They work fast and efficiently. They have painted literally every room in our house, including a basement remodel. We cannot say enough positive things about Painters Etcetera and encourage you to work with them.

Ellie Carlough of Sudbury, MA

We have had Painters Etcetera do both interior and exterior work and have been highly satisfied with both. From the first estimate through scheduling and actually having the work done the team was easy to work with, patient and very professional. The painting team came promptly when scheduled, were pleasant, tidy and thorough. Even living in an antique, where nothing is as it originally seems, Painters Etcetera stuck to the estimate and consulted us early when there were questions about additional work. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.