Is your deck showing the effects of weather damage and age? Would you like to bring it back to its former beauty? Painters Etcetera can help. Your deck needs attention at least once every two years. Depending on condition, we can wash, sand, set nails, and stain your deck, to give it a better appearance and longer life. Don’t ever paint your deck!



Deck Repair

We will start by inspecting your deck for any need of deck repair. We work with a few professional carpenters in our area. We coordinate the work so it will take place before or while we are at your house. Any repair can be attended to.  Structural repairs can also be done if needed. Our  partner carpenters could  build a new deck.

Deck Cleaning

We utilize cleaners along with pressure washing experience, that will safely remove years of failed stain, mold, dirt, and debris. This also creates a balanced ph level and opens the pores of the wood. Based on weather conditions, the wood is allowed to dry for 24 - 48 hours.

Deck Staining and Sealing

Your deck is now prepared for the final step. We apply the stain and sealant which you have chosen, to produce a beautiful final result.